Transmission Service That's Simple and Affordable

As car owners, we have changed the oil in our vehicles many times. We all understand that if we don’t change our oil on a regular basis, it will degrade and cause internal engine parts to wear down. Some unlucky drivers learned the hard way that it can even lead up to an engine seizing due to lack of lubrication and temperature control.

However, each of our vehicles has a transmission that also requires similar maintenance. Every transmission contains several quarts of a specialized fluid that helps gears and other parts stay lubricated and operate within an optimal temperature range. However, this fluid also begins to break down and requires replacement after a specified number of miles. It can result in transmission problems and even a costly replacement if it isn’t changed.

Come to Capitol City Ford in Indianapolis to have your transmission serviced. We’ll replace your fluid and filter to ensure your transmission is clean and runs the way it should – all at an affordable price. Call us today!
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