Comparison Shopping Is A Great Idea

It's not unusual for shoppers to check out more than one vehicle before deciding which to buy. This is just common sense. Unless you are solidly fixated on one model, looking at two or more is the best way to determine if your selection is the right one for you. Following that logic, we are going to make a quick comparison of two of the features you can get on the 2018 Ford Expedition and GMS's 2018 Yukon.

Radar-Based Cruise Control

Both Ford's 2018 Expedition and GMC's 2018 Yukon is equipped with radar-based cruise control, but only the Expedition can bring you to a complete stop and then resume back to cruising speed, and the driver doesn’t even touch a pedal.

WI-FI Connectivity

Both vehicles come with WI-FI capabilities, but Ford's can connect up to 10 devices while the GMC can only accommodate 7.

Capitol City Ford in Indianapolis can bring you up to speed on the many other features of the newly re-engineered 2018 Ford Expedition.
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