What Makes the Ford F-150 Special?

What can the Ford F-150 do? You may be asking that question when looking over a brand new 2018 model. The seller's response might stun you. The Ford truck stands out for its amazing capabilities. Few trucks deliver on expectations the way the F-150 does. Reasons exist why the F-150 gained popularity in the market. The capabilities reveal the reasons.

Not everyone buys a truck for leisurely drives. Heavy towing might be a task required of the vehicle. The Ford F-150 handles the tough job of heavy towing. Ford reveals the new F-150 can tow more than previous year models. The 3.5L EcoBoost engine contributes to the towing power.

The towing boost also comes with increased payload. Ford cut down the weight of the truck which, in turn, enhanced payload. Lighter weight doesn't mean less durable. A powerful aluminum alloy isn't exactly weak.

See what the Ford F-150 can do on a test drive through Indianapolis, IN. Visit our stacked showroom at Capitol City Ford and choose a model to try out.




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