Choose How to Announce Yourself with the Ford Mustang

We are physical creatures and much of our enjoyment of things is enhanced by our sensory input. It is perfectly understandable that we would enjoy the experience of seeing the beautiful lines of a Ford Mustang, feeling its high end cabin interior and hearing the distinctive sound from the exhaust.

The engineers at The Ford Company have studied the effects of different sounds on people and have designed a responsive exhaust system that reflects our need to be stimulated in an audible manner. This new exhaust system will allow drivers to select the level of sound coming from the exhaust by use of a button on the center console. This button will open and close certain valves in the exhaust, thereby lowering or raising the sound level.

To see just how this new responsive exhaust system works, come in to Capitol City Ford and take one of our Ford Mustangs out for a drive. You will be impressed by the different sounds that you can control for all situations.



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