Highlighting Outstanding Tech Features of the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

At a recent team meeting here at Capitol City Ford, we discussed the incredible tech features of the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. Each feature had its own set of fans, but we all agreed on at least two features. Here are the two features we cheered loudest for.

FordPass App

The FordPass App is like a talisman that works magic on the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. The app puts remote operation of the entire wagon in your hands. With the app you can locate parking ahead of time and fuel along your route, sorted by grade and price. FordPay also lets you pay for service through the app, and you can review your wagon's service history from your phone, with Vehicle Health Alerts to boot. You can also remotely start/stop the wagon, lock/unlock it or check fuel and fluid levels.

Side-Wind Stabilization

Side-Wind Stabilization automatically engages brakes on one side of the wagon in the event of high winds, eliminating worries about losing traction or direction. It's a wonderful added safety feature that amounts to one more layer of driver and passenger safety during commutes and tours.



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