Oil Change Service At Capitol City Ford

Oil change service at our Ford dealer in Indianapolis, IN

Oil Change Service At Capitol City Ford

Keep Your Car In Premium Condition

If you made the smart move and bought or leased a new Ford from Capitol City Ford, you A) have great taste in car dealerships and B) are behind the wheel of a terrific vehicle. One way to keep it in like-new condition is to adhere to proper maintenance. As important as anything – and more important in many ways – is making sure your Ford or any other vehicle always has good, clean oil.

For more information about auto repair or oil change services at Capitol City Ford and why they’re so important, please continue reading.

The Necessity For Regular Auto Maintenance

In many ways, your new Ford is like a house. Part of the TLC with a home includes proper upkeep. There is wood to replace, AC ducts to clean and roofs to tend to. It’s how your home functions best. The best way to keep your vehicle running as good as new is to get into the habit of taking it in for the best Ford service Indianapolis has to offer. That unbeatable service comes from our Ford service center at Capitol City Ford.

Vehicles that don’t receive routine checkups or oil change service become vulnerable to much bigger engine or transmission problems. Many of those issues can be avoided with proper care.

In these next few sections, learn more about just how much good oil benefits not only your car, but your wallet.

Benefits To Proper Oil Change Service

Clean oil features several benefits taken to heart by your car. To think about it; it all makes perfect sense. Bad oil loses its ability to properly lubricate the engine and all its parts. Without lubrication, parts are forced to operate via metal-to-metal contact. Diminished performance ensues and can eventually result in the vehicle not functioning at all.

In addition, with proper oil change service, the old oil drawn out brings with it contaminants that could adversely affect your engine.

For reliable oil change service, don’t trust just anyone. Make it count with Capitol City Ford in Indianapolis, IN.

Stay Cool With Regular Oil Change Service

If potential engine issues brought on by old oil don’t get your attention, perhaps this likely snag will. Bad oil creates an increase in friction. Friction generates heat. Heat combats your vehicle’s cooling system and renders it less likely to produce the desired cool temperature inside the car. In other words, you’ll be hot.

Take the heat out of the equation and stay cool with quick and affordable oil change service from the preferred Ford service center in Indianapolis, IN.

Your Home To Much More Than Better Oil Change Service

In addition to a state-of-the-art service center to offer premium oil change service and other auto repair service, Capitol City Ford is home to an outstanding lineup of new and pre-owned Ford cars, trucks and SUVs. In addition to pre-owned Ford models, our used car inventory features a variety of makes and models.

If you need help with financing that new or pre-owned vehicle, the outstanding team in our finance center is poised and ready to help you with all financing options, including car loans and car leases.

Keep your life running cool and smooth. Choose the more preferred car dealership for all your needs – Capitol City Ford.

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