Get Some Assistance With the Ford Escape's Technology Features

Some things are just easier when you have a little assistance. With the popular crossover, the Ford Escape, you get technology features that can help you do all sorts of things. From helping you park to preventing a collision, the Ford Escape can make driving easier and safer.

With the enhanced active park-assist feature, the vehicle will help you decide which parallel parking space is big enough for your vehicle. It will even help guide you into the parking space. This feature can also help with backing into a perpendicular space so that you can avoid backing into another vehicle when it's time to leave.

And if you think that constantly resetting the cruise control after every time that you have to hit the brakes is annoying, then you'll love the adaptive cruise control features is great. The vehicle slows when it senses a car in front of you, and it will even warn you of a potential collision and apply the brakes for you.



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