Car Loan & Car Lease FAQs

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Car lease and car loan options available at Capitol City Ford in Indianapolis, IN

Car Loan & Car Lease FAQs

Auto Finance At Our Ford Dealer

While the auto finance process can be frustrating and stress-inducing at other Indianapolis car dealerships, we make it as simple and easy as possible when you visit our Ford dealer. Our staff is experienced, giving you all the tools you need for a smooth car-shopping experience – both online and at our Indianapolis car dealership.

If you have any other questions about getting a car loan, a car lease or anything related to the auto finance process, feel free to speak to visit us at Capitol City Ford, serving the Indianapolis, IN area and beyond.

What Gives Me Lower Monthly Payments?

Typically, a car lease will offer lower monthly payments. The reason behind this is that when you lease a car, in a way, it’s like a very long-term rental. For that reason, over the course of the lease terms, you’re paying for the projected depreciation of the vehicle instead of its full price. That way, when you return the vehicle at the end of your car lease, it’s in sellable condition and ready to go.

What Do I Do At The End Of A Car Loan?

Upon the completion of your car loan terms, you’ll have complete freedom over your vehicle. Since you’ve been paying the full price of the vehicle along with the interest rate, you’ll own it completely when you’re done paying. From there, you can continue driving without car payments, which gives added financial flexibility. You also have the option to visit our Ford dealer’s auto finance department and use your vehicle as a trade-in for a new Ford car lease or car loan. You’ll have full flexibility.

What Do I Do At The End Of A Car Lease?

When your car lease is up, you have numerous options available to you. One option is to return your vehicle and walk away. You could also return your vehicle and get into a new car lease for a different Ford vehicle. This way, you’ll have access to the latest Ford technologies in both entertainment and safety.

If you’ve fallen in love with the vehicle you’ve been leasing, you can continue to drive it by extending your lease terms. Extending your lease gives you more stability while delaying any decisive action to take about your driving future. If you decide that you want a more long-term relationship with your vehicle, you can buy out the remainder of your lease. Explore all of these options with the auto finance team at our Ford dealer today.

Which Option Is Better For Me?

If you prefer to get the latest and greatest technologies in your vehicle with typically lower monthly payments, a car lease is the perfect option. It affords you short-term flexibility while keeping you in a new vehicle constantly.

Long-term stability and more driving freedom come with a car loan. Unlike with a lease, there are no mileage limits, and you don’t have to worry as much about wear and tear. When you’re finished paying the vehicle, it’s all yours. Speak with the auto finance experts at our Indianapolis car dealership today to find the best option for you.

Visit Our Indianapolis Car Dealership

For easier car lease and car loan options, visit our Ford dealer – Capitol City Ford. We have everything it takes to give you a superior and satisfying customer service experience. Shop with us at our Ford dealer today.

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