The Ford Escape aims to provide peak convenience, but it does not shout its green credit from the heavens above. The vehicle is bold enough in the hybrid’s capability to be luxurious that it implemented this powertrain to a trim known as SE sport. It is not a sports crossover, but our staff at Capitol City Ford were agreeably surprised by the car’s performance. Some of Ford’s capability features include:

Ford Escape Capability Features

Ford Escape badging is maintained to the lowest level, and the designing hardly strays from the normal gas engine Ford Escape. It uses an updated 2.5l 4-cylinder engine and one electric motor to send power to all the wheels in our AWD tester. This sums up to an integrated system output of 200-horsepower and one hundred and fifty-two pound-feet of torque. This feature puts it right in a similar ballpark with the Toyota RAV4 model, the top SUV in the convenience clubhouse here in the Indianapolis before this Ford Escape hit the path.

The Ford Escape one of the best SUVs in the small crossover category. With the 1.1 kilowatts liquid-cooled lithium-battery, you can view the powertrain performs its tasks in the digital device cluster as it changes to gas power from electric-only power.


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