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  • Casey Wildey
    General Manager

  • Brian Cook
    Used Car Manager

    Team member since 2008

  • Daretta Engh
    317-462-1470 x 103

    Team member since 1998

  • Amanda Kirchner
    Office Manager
    317-462-1470 x 121

    Team member since 1994

  • Tim Hamilton
    Service Manager

    Team member since 2003 - Senior Master Technician

    I have worked at a Ford Dealership since I was 16 years old. I have been an employee at Inskeep Ford for the past 19 years. I started as a technician back in 2003 and 6 years ago I accepted the position as Service Manager. 

    I Love my Job and enjoy coming to work! Inskeep Ford is my 2nd family. My 1st family includes my wife Heather and my two kids, Gavin and Lexi. I and my wonderful wife Heather have been married for 19 years, Lexi is my 12-year-old little girl and 

    Gavin is my 17-year-old son who is becoming a young man. He recently started working here at Inskeep as a lube technician and is thinking about following in his dad's footsteps for his career. A proud dad I am. 

    Take advantage of being a New Ford Tech!

    Job opportunities within Ford/Lincoln dealerships are on the rise, If you would like to learn how our educational programs can teach you to be the best technician you can be, or if you already have technician skills and want to learn about current open Ford/Lincoln dealership technician positions visit https://www.newfordtech.com/

  • John Jobe
    Parts Manager
    317-462-1470 x 126

    Team member since 2013

  • Bill Thill
    Body Shop Manager

  • Bridgett Davis
    Digital Marketing

  • AJ Dodds
    Sales Consultant


    Team Members Since 2020

    I have lived in Greenfield since 2014. I've always had a burning passion to help people out and working at Inskeep Ford gives me the opportunity to fulfill that. I know that I'm a bit younger than most people in this career but like I mentioned, I am here to help you and get you in the vehicle that you want or need. I am laid back and my co-workers claim that I am always laughing which I hope to share with you! 

  • Kirby Johnson
    Sales Consultant

    Team member since 2009

    I have been with the Ford Brand for over 20 years and at Inskeep Ford for the past 13 years.  As a United States Army veteran I believe in taking care of my family, customers, and friends.  My wife and I are from Muncie Indiana. I drive to Greenfield every day because Inskeep Ford treats everyone like family. I am here to help before and after the sale.  

  • Alan King
    Sales Executive

    Alan  King

    Team member since 2012

    Being a former business and franchise owner, I have been "on the other side" of the sales desk many times and remember what makes a good buying experience. My goal is to make it fun, in a reasonable amount of time, give you a value to both trades and the purchased vehicle and to try not to do the "let me ask my manager" back and forth ping pong affair that seems to be the norm with a lot of dealerships. The 11+ years' experience I have now on the sales side just makes me MORE determined to fulfill these goals. YOU are my number one priority.