Ford Focus RS Features The Latest In Aerodynamic Technology

We are living in the era of hot hatchbacks, and the 2018 Ford Focus RS is one of the hottest and most popular compact performance hatchbacks on the market. It is a stylish and versatile vehicle packed with some of the latest and greatest technology to improve both the driving performance and driving experience.

A vehicle's aerodynamics are critical to the performance and handling of the vehicle, and the engineers in charge of the Ford Focus RS certainly kept this in mind when designing it. A unique spoiler combines with a rear diffuser and a specially designed grill to…
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Choose How to Announce Yourself with the Ford Mustang

We are physical creatures and much of our enjoyment of things is enhanced by our sensory input. It is perfectly understandable that we would enjoy the experience of seeing the beautiful lines of a Ford Mustang, feeling its high end cabin interior and hearing the distinctive sound from the exhaust.

The engineers at The Ford Company have studied the effects of different sounds on people and have designed a responsive exhaust system that reflects our need to be stimulated in an audible manner. This new exhaust system will allow drivers to select the level of sound coming from the...

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Get Spoiled by the Ford EcoSport

Crossover enthusiasts love the Ford EcoSport, which is filled with unique features. The specially designed audio system is manufactured using natural materials and comes with 10 speakers to produce concert quality surround sound. Opt for SYNC Connect and turn your EcoSport into a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. The signal is powerful enough to allow up to 10 mobile devices to link up simultaneously. The signal also has a 50-foot range.

Charge your mobile devices during your journey using the two USB ports or the 12-volt outlet situated on the console. The rear of the vehicle has another 12-volt outlet. 

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The Ford C-MAX Includes Push-Button Start

Smart features became popular with drivers due to allowing them to pull off stressful maneuvers such as parallel parking with ease. Eventually, many more became available, and now they are considered a necessity in newer vehicles. The popular compact hybrid Ford C-MAX has several of them. Here is one in particular.

This vehicle is compatible with Intelligent Access via the push of the Ford C-MAX's Push-Button Start. It is easy enough to activate. All you have to do is carry the Intelligent Access Key on your person before you touch the car door's handle. 

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Ford Edge Sets The Standard For SUVs

The 2018 Ford Edge brings several different options to the SUV class of vehicles. The new Edge is an award-winning automobile that has been praised for its cargo space and seating areas. It was built to transport families and presents the best options in terms of safety.

The new Ford Edge is designed to have a sleek and dynamic appeal. The the vehicle has a commanding look on the roadways with its futuristic shape. The SEL Sport is an athletic version of the car that offers dark headlamps and a unique front grill. It features mirror caps, a rear spoiler…
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What Makes the Ford F-150 Special?

What can the Ford F-150 do? You may be asking that question when looking over a brand new 2018 model. The seller's response might stun you. The Ford truck stands out for its amazing capabilities. Few trucks deliver on expectations the way the F-150 does. Reasons exist why the F-150 gained popularity in the market. The capabilities reveal the reasons.

Not everyone buys a truck for leisurely drives. Heavy towing might be a task required of the vehicle. The Ford F-150 handles the tough job of heavy towing. Ford reveals the new F-150 can tow more than previous year…
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Discover the 2018 Ford Focus ST Interior Features

The 2018 Ford Focus ST is paving the way for popular compact performance hatchback vehicles among consumers who love performance, convenience, and technology. This vehicle brings performance and technology together to create a fabulous interior delivering a sense of prestige and customer satisfaction.

The 2018 Ford Focus ST has a set of unique interior features with full leather trims throughout the cabin and heated RECARO front seats for pure relaxation. The aluminum pedals deliver that 'racing' energy and the redundant audio control gives you the ultimate control of...

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Ford Edge Capability Features for 2018

The capabilities of the Ford Edge have new drivers really intrigued. The Edge is one of the top SUVs from the American automaker and features a base engine that can put a lot of power on the road. The Edge also received high marks in performance, interior comfort, reliability, and safety. However, it's the fuel economy that is truly outstanding for an SUV. You can get up to 29 mpg on the highway.

The power and acceleration come from the four-cylinder base engine, but you can upgrade to the V6 to get 315-horsepower. There are also options for FWD…

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Tried and True: 2018 Ford Taurus

Traditionally one of America's best-selling full-size sedans, the Ford Taurus is a venerable staple in its class. The 2018 version of this vehicle features a bevy of design features showcasing the expert craftsmanship of this dynamic yet classic car. Full LED taillamps come standard on all Taurus models, offering up a brighter look that is more energy-efficient than ever before. The SE, SEL, and Limited trims feature a chrome-tipped dual exhaust system sure to catch anyone's eye on the road.

Our friendly team of Ford experts is standing by at Capitol City Ford in Indianapolis...
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What the weight savings in the chassis means for other parts of a Super Duty Ford truck

For a truck to be considered “Super Duty,” it is not enough that it be structurally tough. Toughness is also measured in upgrades to essential power delivery parts. Without the added strength and durability of the drive train, the term “Super Duty” means little.

When Ford engineers decided to use military-grade aluminum alloy in the place of high-tension steel for the chassis, they freed up as much as 350 pounds of weight that could be used elsewhere. With this extra weight, the engineers were able to build a thicker, stronger, and more...

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